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CBD VG Tincture CBD VG Tincture
Our CBD hemp oil tincture is 100% organic and naturally flavored! Tinctures are also versatile and can be used in any of three ways: Soluble...
Sacred Leaf best CBD tincture
MCT OIL TINCTURES - Limited selection available Natural, Terpene Loaded MCT Oil Tinctures     Size: 30 mL Strength: 500 mg, 1000 mg or 2000mg per bottle...
CBG 20:1 Tinctures CBG 20:1 Tinctures
CBG (cannabigerol) is the mother cannabinoid. This compound comes first in the hemp plant before THC or CBD. This oil tincture is a 20:1 ratio...
Herbal Tinctures Sacred Leaf best CBD tincture
VG based tinctures with amazing extracts and herbal supplements for different effects. CALM - Lavender Extract ENERGY - Green Tea Matcha Extract WOMENS HEALTH - Acai Berry,...
CBD Extra Strength Water Soluble
Our H2-Zero product is all-natural, unflavored, and perfect for any use! Add to any beverage or food to mix a little CBD into your daily...
Delta-8 (D8) Tincture 1:1
A perfect balance of broad-spectrum CBD and Delta-8 distillate for complete mind and body effect. CBD and THC act as the Ying and Yang with...
Delta-8 Vape Additive Delta-8 Vape Additive
An easy way to add Delta-8 THC to any vape juice or beverage. Use sparingly. Can be used with vape pens, mixed with a beverage...
CBN Tincture Sacred Leaf best CBD tincture
Sold Out
Sold Out
CBN (Cannabinol) is found mainly in older cannabis and hemp. It is created when THC ages.  Potential uses (according to studies) are - antibacterial, neuro-protectant,...
Energy Shot - 1 ounce
All natural energy shot! No crash! Boost cognitive function and focus! MADE IN USA Size: 1 ounce Bottle   DIRECTIONS: Drink the entire bottle for a boost of...
Sleep Shot - 1 ounce
All natural sleep remedy in one small shot! A mixed berry flavored shot with everything you need for peaceful sleep and no morning drowsiness! MADE...
Delta-8 (D8) Syrup
If you like grape anything…you will love our Grape Delta 8 Hemp THC syrup. Filled with flavor and perfect to add to any beverage!! Delta-8 can...
Immunity Booster Tincture - CBDA CBGA Immunity Booster Tincture - CBDA CBGA
  Our newest product provides Elderberry Extract, Vitamin C and CBD-A and CBG-A to provide a full body Immunity Booster! A recent study out of...

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