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CBD Honey Sticks 24pack Sacred Leaf best CBD edibles
Honey Stick - 50MG all natural, organic Honey. - 24 Pack MADE IN USA Size: 24 pack Strength: 50MG each FDA Disclaimer: Any statements made within...
sacred leaf best cbd chocolate Sacred Leaf best CBD products
CBD Infused Dark Chocolate bars! Comes in Mint or Dark Chocolate! MADE IN USA Size: 1 bar - 24 squares per bar Strength: 250mg CBD ...
Sacred Leaf best CBD delta-8 Sacred Leaf best CBD delta-8
Lollipops are a great and TASTY way to absorb sublingually.  These are slightly psychoactive and you may feel a mild and relaxing high without the...
Delta-10 (D10) Gummies
 Delta-10 is known as the Super Sativa! You asked, here it is! Delta-10 THC gummies! Unlike CBD gummies, these are slightly psychoactive and you may feel...
Sacred Leaf best CBD edibles Sacred Leaf best CBD edibles
Old time style hard candy! Lemon and Watermelon drops for a "tincture-like" edible with a great taste! Made with full spectrum distillate.  MADE IN USA...
Energy Shot - 1 ounce
All natural energy shot! No crash! Boost cognitive function and focus! MADE IN USA Size: 1 ounce Bottle   DIRECTIONS: Drink the entire bottle for a boost of...
Sleep Shot - 1 ounce
All natural sleep remedy in one small shot! A mixed berry flavored shot with everything you need for peaceful sleep and no morning drowsiness! MADE...
Sacred Leaf best CBD products
Our colorful and tasty CBD-infused gummy bears come in three flavors and make ingesting CBD delicious and enjoyable. Each cherry, orange, or lemon gummy bear...
CBD Multi-Vitamin - 10MG Each Sacred Leaf best CBD vitamins
One-A-Day multi-vitamin infused with your favorite cannabinoid!! Vitamin includes - Vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6, B-12, Folic Acid, Iodine, and Zinc!   Size: 30...
Delta-8 (D8) Honey Sticks Delta-8 (D8) Honey Sticks
These feature Organic Brazilian Rainforest Honey with 15 mg of Delta-8 THC per unit in a 10 pack! Delta-8 can show up on drug tests! ...
Delta-8 (D8) Syrup
If you like grape anything…you will love our Grape Delta 8 Hemp THC syrup. Filled with flavor and perfect to add to any beverage!! Delta-8 can...
Legal THC (D8&D9) Gummies Legal THC (D8&D9) Gummies
200MG of fully federal compliant, hemp derived Delta-9 THC gummies!! Mixed with Delta-8 for added effects. Unlike CBD gummies, these are slightly psychoactive and you may...

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